Covenant Partners

Covenant Partners is our married couples’ ministry. This group comes together once a month. Couples come together to enjoy food and fellowship with other couples and to receive the ministry of the Word. Through the teaching of the Word and interaction with other couples, many couples have come to know how to have a happy, healthy, God-centered marriage.

The purpose of the Married Couple’s Ministry is to provide an atmosphere and opportunity for husband and wife to come together as one and study God’s Word. The focus of the Ministry is to enrich and build strong marriages, provide marital as well as pre-marital counseling and to prepare young people for mature adult life.

The Ministry conducts monthly meetings, providing teachings, prayer and general ministry. Special seminars are also held occasionally addressing specific areas of interest focusing in the word of God. Some topics covered and scheduled to be covered include:-

    • Why marriages break
    • Cultural adjustments and balance
    • Coping with intrusions (modern day technological advancements)
    • How well do you know your partner?
    • How to cope with stress at work and home
    • Financial priorities and Investment
    • Pregnancy, Menopause, Waiting period
    • Child discipline and behavior
    • Spiritual enrichment
    • Raising Children in the fear of God
    • Losing a Child in marriage & childlessness
    • Bereavement, AIDS, Healthy eating.
    • Communication
    • Languages of love and intimacy
    • Developing joint hobbies
    • Aging gracefully