The Ladies Ministry has been playing a key and supporting role within the Neema Gospel Church right from inception, focusing on meeting the specific, spiritual, and family needs of women both within the church and the entire world as a whole. Through this ministry, multitudes of women have been saved, restored, sanctified, and Spirit-filled.

For regular and up-to-date spiritual welfare of our women, we have the monthly Women Fellowship on the 1st Saturday of the month at the church. Apart from the monthly Women Fellowship, there are other forums where women gather for the purpose of caring, sharing, and fellowship. These include Annual Women Dinner, held every December, and the Annual Retreat Conference, held every April

The love of God is shown in a practical way and effectual fervent prayers of the righteous are also offered. Enquire and join one of this enriching fellowship within your locality and you will be the better for it.

The mission of the Women’s Ministry at Neema Gospel Church is to bring ladies of all ages together, equipping them and preaching Jesus to others through fellowship, bible study and application of the scripture, and also encouraging them to live exemplary lives.

The Ladies Ministry serves everybody who is willing to be part of the fellowship regardless of church affiliation, all and incorporates neighbors and the local community. The ministry includes ladies of all ages, both single and married, and who are eager to form network of support, outreach and fellowship. Our desire is to help ladies with the practical issues and struggles of life, particularly those that we face as women, among other pertinent issues.