Our Values

What We Value

Excellence and believe that it inspires people and glorifies God and ought to characterize everything we do

  • Spontaneity of Spirit We are a Spirit driven church, our worship is reflective of this; we make no apologies for being such.
  • Creativity and innovation in everything we do – We believe by faith that anything can change. We see possibilities. We are willing to try new things, go new places, obtain new ground; we aid and encourage those around us to do the same, for the greater glory of God.
  • Genuine friendship As a church we want to be warm and welcoming to visitors and to care for and support each other, just like a close family. We will try to establish quality friendships and authentic relationships with non-members.
  • Prayer We desire an intimate relationship with our God, so we pray as individuals and as a body.
  • Stewardship of our time, talents, and finances honors God
  • Generosity We will give of ourselves sacrificially
  • Accountability in doctrine and Integrity-Maintaining an “Integrity of Heart”
  • Strong marriages that result in strong families and healthy connections
  • Holiness and righteousness for without the holiness that is imputed upon us by Jesus Christ, no one will see the Father in Heaven.
  • Development of servant leadership for servant hood is inevitable if one is to be effective in the Kingdom of God. Servant hood comes before honor and we will not be judged on how were served but rather how we served Christ and his people.