Senior Pastor

Jackson has served as an Evangelist, Elder, Associate Pastor before becoming the Pastor of Neema Church. His passion for Christ was once described by another Pastor as very infectious that you cannot avoid being infected by the same passion. He is widely traveled taking advantage of every opportunity to share the gospel of Jesus Christ. He is the founding president of Hope and Mercy international Inc. whose head office is in Dallas, Texas whose vision is to help the poor orphaned children of Africa. His depth in the word of God is an asset for Neema Church. He is a graduate from the University of Nottingham-England. He is a licensed Chaplain and an Ordained Minister, married to Lucy N Kingori and both are blessed with 3 children namely David Kingori, June Kingori and Willie Kingori.

senior-pastor-jackson-kingoriNeema Church has continued to experience tremendous growth amidst diverse growing pains throughout its brief history. The enemy was not happy from the very onset and he has tried every dirty trick to discourage us but the grace of God has upheld us together. I have come to appreciate that God always uses imperfect people in imperfect situations to accom-plish his perfect will. It has always been the desire of my heart that the church will offer people something unique they cannot get anywhere else. In so doing, my dream for the Church is that Neema will be a place where the hurting, the depressed, the frustrated, the nothings and the confused can find love, grace, acceptance, hope and forgiveness of sin. Everybody is welcome to exercise their gifts and talents to their maximum and into the fellowship of our church and grow in harmony. As the Pastor, my role is to create an enabling environment where God’s people can:

Have Total Prosperity

  • Grow warmer through fellowship
  • Grow deeper through discipleship
  • Grow stronger through worship
  • Grow broader through ministry
  • Grow larger through evangelism
  • Love the Lord their God with all their hearts
  • Love their neighbors as they love themselves

We esteem quality discipleship over quantity by upholding the standards of Godliness. Everybody who comes to Neema is exalted to inquire God’s counsel first and foremost as Christ is the Answer to all the needs of humanity. We love new members and visitors. Please check on us