2yrs-PreK DG Kids 

Watch the video with your child and print the Adventure Book for an interactive activity related to the teaching. Use the Parent Questions/The Point/The Verse/ to help them recap what they have learnt.

2yrs-PreK DG Kids Video

2yrs-PreK DG Kids Part 4 AdventureBook (Click to download/Print)

2yrs-PreK DG Kids Part 4 “Parent Questions”


K-5 DG KIDS Video

“WORSHIP” ~ 4 Part Series

In this four-week series, K-5 students will learn how to worship God honestly, with their whole heart, for who He truly is. Worship is an expression of the relationship you have with your Creator through Jesus Christ. When your spirit is renewed at salvation by the Holy Spirit and you begin to understand the truth of how great God is, how small you are, and that you’re actually forgiven and friends with Him, your heart can’t help but worship God. Worship is a genuine expression of the love, admiration, and respect you feel in your heart towards God. Live a life of worship that puts God first in every situation, and check yourself to see when you may be getting distracted or losing your focus on God as the only recipient of your worship.

Click below to download/print the Challenge Card Part 3.


6th-12th Grade Students:


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